Bear Scare Pyrotechnics
Pyrotechnics have proved very effective in dispersing bears without harming them. These scare cartridges travel down range and produce loud noises (up to 160dB) and visual effects. They include bangers, screamers and flaming whistlers. Bird scare cartridges can be projected from a variety of pyrotechnical launchers.

These flash bang cartridges explode with a loud report after traveling 75' to 90'. Also known as Bird Bombs, Bear Bombs, Noise Bombs, Bird Bangers and Twin Shot.

Screamers produce a loud screeching noise through complete travel. In low light they have a strong visual effect. With a range of 250' to 300', these unique pyrotechnics produce an unusual, alarming sound creating an immediate fear reaction in birds and animals. Also known as Racket Bombs, Crackers, Whistle Bombs, Screamers-Sirens and Twin Shot.

Flaming Whisters
With a loud, pronounced whistling, these highly visible shells travel with a sparkling tracer effect.

Bear Scare Pyrotechnical Launchers
Scare launchers use blanks to project pyrotechnical scare cartridges (bangers, screamers, flaming whistlers, ect.). Once ignited, the pyrotechnical scare cartridge travels down range and discharges. This frightens bears and other problem wildlife causing them to move away.

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